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Of the many casino games out there, Keno has the most intriguing bizarre stories of origin, largely because much of it is marred with myth, mystery, truth, and anything else in between. Keno traces roots in ancient China during the Han dynasty, where it was played with 120 Chinese characters. Cheung Leung, who was the ruler then encouraged the Chinese masses to play the game in order to contribute taxes towards funding the Han dynasty war. This model continued for some time, which is why the Great Wall of China was funded by Keno taxes.

In the 1800s, Chinese prospectors started making a rush to the United States seeking work on the railroads, which is why the first traces of Keno were outside of China was in San Francisco. This cross-pollination continued up until the Victorian gold-rush era, where the game was first introduced in Australia. Whilst authorities in Australia tried to scuttle this form of gambling, the game had permeated the country, so much so that it was almost impossible to conceal. Legend even has it that the Chinese would reimburse losers back enough money to go buy a drink to prevent any animosities.

Of course, when the internet first became mainstream in Australia, Keno started riding the online casinos’ wave to become more efficient and ultimately paperless. Today, there are multiple online casinos in Australia offering incredible Keno games, a fact that could very well impress the Chinese Emperor were he alive today.

To gain useful information about playing online keno Australia players should continue reading our article. Topics covered include how to play keno online, selecting a casino to play the game, how to play keno for free and tips to improve your chances of winning when playing for real money.

What is Keno?

Keno is a casino game that has a style similar to that of a lottery. A keno card consists of a grid of 80 numbers. Players select numbers from the card. Usually players can choose from 1-20 numbers although some casinos only allow you to choose a maximum of 15 numbers. Numbers are then drawn. The more numbers you match the more money you win. It is an easy game to play which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Free Keno Games

Many people play keno online for real money. However, although it is an easy game to learn new players might not be comfortable risking money on a game they have never played before. Online casinos understand this and many of them allow users to play keno for free without risking any money. Of course you can’t win money when you play for free, but you can learn the game and become familiar with the odds and different aspects of keno before diving in and playing for real money.

Selecting an Online Casino to Play

To try keno online betting Australia based players need to keep several things in mind when choosing a casino:

  • Choose an online casino that has a legitimate license and provably fair games. The numbers drawn in keno are typically determined by a Random Number Generator. Having a provably fair system in place ensures random outcomes at all times.
  • Look for sites that offer a good selection of payment and withdrawal methods. You should be able to complete transactions quickly and easily.
  • Check what type of bonuses the casino offers players. A good bonus is always welcome and the best casinos usually have plenty of offers.
  • Good game selection. It’s nice to have options and the more the better. Consider a site that offers slots and a variety of other casino games in addition to keno.
  • Customer support is always important. A good site will offer customer support 24/7 that can handle questions and issues quickly and efficiently.

Getting Started Playing Keno Online

It is easier than you might think to get started playing keno online. Once you have selected the site you want to play you will need to register. The registration process at most online casinos should only take a few minutes. After registering deposit money to your account using one of the accepted methods. That’s it. You are now ready to play. Click on the keno game and it will load right in your browser. There will be instructions linked to the game as well as a pay table that tells you what your payout will be for the number of correct picks you make. Select the numbers you want to play and the amount you would like to wager. You can also select how many games you would like to play with the numbers you have chosen.

Watch Keno Live Online

In many cases keno online results are determined by a Random Number Generator but some people prefer live keno games. This is not a problem as many online casinos offer live keno games. Live games make use of a real human dealer that calls out each ball as it is drawn. Everything is live streamed to your computer so you can catch all the action as it happens. The dealer will also announce when betting is open and when it closes for each game. In this way you can enjoy live keno right from your own home

Keno Rules

Keno has a number of different variations but the rules remain basically the same and are quite easy to learn. The game is played on an eighty number grid consisting of the numerals 1-80. Typically this grid will have 8 rows of 10 numbers per row.

In most keno games players can choose anywhere up to 20 numbers although some games may only allow player to select up to 15 numbers.

  • Depending on the casino the minimum amount of numbers you can select is either 1 or 2.
  • If you are playing live keno you can only place bets when the dealer allows. If the game isn’t live then bet at your own pace.

As you can see the rules of the game are not complicated.

Strategy of Online Keno

Some keno players employ different strategies when playing. They may play numbers in a certain pattern for example. Others look at previous games to see which numbers are coming up more often and which haven’t hit for a while. The truth is every number is chosen randomly and it is up to chance. Whether a number has come up in the last 20 games or hasn’t hit once in 20 games, the odds of it being drawn in the next game are exactly the same. One strategy some players employ is to initially make a small wager. If they win they increase their bet while if they lose they decrease their bet. This doesn’t guarantee a win but will help to minimize losses and make your bankroll last longer.

Keno Tips

As there is no real strategy to use and a player’s only control over the game is the numbers they choose it would seem there is now way to improve your chances of winning. However there are a few tips you can follow that can help increase your chances of coming out ahead:

  • Make use of bonuses: Take advantage of the bonuses online casinos offer to keno players. This can give you a larger bankroll and you can’t lose if you are gambling with the casinos money.
  • Budget your money: Determine what your budget will be and stick to it. If you want to play for awhile don’t blow your entire budget on a single bet.
  • Look at the pay table before playing: Payouts vary from casino to casino. Play at the casinos with better payouts.

How to Play Keno Online

The rules of playing Keno online are super simple. Basically, the game is played on a field of 80 numbers. As a player, you need to select the numbers/spots on which to place your wager and then wait for the draw. The minimum allowable wager is 1 spot, with the maximum bet being 20 spots.

When playing Keno in an online casino in Australia, you can personally choose to pick the spot/s, or else use a Random Number Generator for that. Still, the online Keno game draws are conducted electronically, meaning the generated results are 100% random.

One of the primary appeals of online Keno in Australia lies in the fact that players can wager small bet amounts. Typically 1 spot equates to 1 AUD, meaning 5 spots sets you back 5 bucks and so on. In retrospect, this means that the payouts are relatively small.

So far so good? Great!

Now that we have seen how you can play online keno, let’s now proceed to the odds.

Keno Odds

Keno odds are pegged under a very basic principle. 20 spots are drawn, and each one of them is marked off counts as a ‘catch’. The more spots you choose, the higher your payout but the lower your chances of hitting the minimum winning combination. Generally, 3 spots in Keno have 2 winning combos; 2 hits or 3 hits.

Payouts are pegged on several factors including;

  • The number of spots you wager on.
  • The number of players ‘caught’ and their respective wagers.


Is playing online Keno legal in Australia?

Yes! There are multiple online casinos like King Billy casino that allow Australian players to legally play online keno.

Can I online Keno for real money?

Yes! You can play real money Keno in Australian online casinos. What’s more, the game doesn’t require a huge financial commitment, making it ideal for beginners. With that said, however, you need to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, as well as try your hand at the free versions of the game available at reputable online casinos like King Billy.

Where to play free Keno online?

Assuming you have gathered enough knowledge from all the information presented in this article and you want to put it into practice. Where do you begin? Well, there are multiple online casinos in Australia that you can try. Nonetheless, we recommend sticking to King Billy Casino Australia. On top of the fun gaming experience of our website, we do offer generous bonuses to new, existing, and loyal players to help grow your bankroll without risking your investment.

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