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Baccarat is believed to have started in medieval Italy centuries ago, where it was a reserve of the country’s upper class and aristocrats. An Italian, Felix Falguiere, founded the game in the1400s and named it “baccara,” which is Italian for “zero,” since that was the designated value for all tens and face cards. The French would later add the “t” to make it present-day “baccarat,” but not too much changed in the way of rules. Today players all around the globe and especially from Down Under could enjoy baccarat online at King Billy, the most awarded online casino.

Baccarat History – Did you Know this about the Oldest Card Game?

The game is believed to draw from the Etruscan legend where a virgin lady was asked to draw a die, and if she drew an 8 or 9, she would be made a priestess. A 6 or 7 would allow her to live but excommunicate her from religious and community events, while anything below a 6 would lead to her heading to the ocean to drown. Such a tragic ending, if we may say so, but to date, these numbers explain the game. Anything below 6 is considered a loss, while 9 is the winner.

James Bond could have made baccarat seem like a game of skill since his character portrays all levels of toughness that most people aspire for, but in reality, the game is slow-paced and purely of chance. You don’t need the most complex strategy or a ton of knowledge to play this game, so feel free to check it out and try a few rounds at the land of King Billy. All the king’s nobles should be 18 and over to try this and any other game in the kingdom. Read on for more insights on the popular baccarat online table game.

Find Out How to Gamble Online Baccarat

You already have an account at the Kingdoom, so the next steps will include setting up a bankroll. It helps to designate an amount to spend while playing baccarat online as a responsible gambler. You will then place your bet before the cards are dealt, and you can choose between the Banker’s hand, the Player’s hand, or a Tie. It helps to know how a round works and when to play, so you may want to check out the demos on the Land of King Billy Australia site before proceeding. However, as we will show in this write-up, this game is of chance, and the few strategies you may need to learn will merely increase your chances of winning.

Online Baccarat Regulations

Online baccarat Australia has a few rules a player should internalize before digging in. The dealer deals two cards each (known as a coup) to themselves and the player, and participants will bet on either of the two parties winning or tying. Since the bets have been placed, both reveal their cards to show who came closest to 9, and that person would be declared the winner. If either hand is an 8 or 9, it’s a straight win, called a “natural.” If they tie or are both far from these two numbers, each draws a third card.

Here are the rules:

  • If the player’s hand is below 6, they can draw another card. This is not allowed if they have 7 and above.
  • The player stands if their cards total 6 and above, but the banker can still draw a third if their hand allows.
  • Bets payout 1:1, but the house draws a 5% commission from any win. Ties pay out 8:1.
  • Face cards have little to no value. Ace is worth 1 point, while 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all worth 0.
  • Betting Options for Online Baccarat Australia

    Most casinos, The King Billy Empire included, use between 6 and 8 decks or cards stored in the “shoe.” The banker will start with the biggest bettor, giving the player the first and third cards and the second and fourth to themselves.

    Since the number to aim for is 9, and the total for the two cards could exceed this, the player and the banker should subtract 10 from their total or remove the first numeral to remain with a single digit. Both options give the same results, so it’s up to each to decide what works best.

    The Ideal Baccarat Strategy

    Some baccarat casino online strategies are similar to those of roulette games.

    The Martingale System

    This strategy calls for doubling one’s bet with every loss to double one’s chances of recovery. While it is great as a short-term strategy, it could lead to significant losses if a player is on a losing streak. Before choosing the Martingale system, you want to set a bankroll that you will stick with faithfully.

    The Paroli System

    This reverse Martingale is based on positive progression, where you double every win and reset to the initial bet with each loss. It helps a player keep as much of the money won as possible without breaking the bank in case of a losing streak.

    The 1-3-2-6 System

    This sequential betting system allows you to manage your bets, with the numbers representing your bet units. So, if you bet A$5 for the first time and win, your second bet should be A$15. The third should be A$10, while your fourth is A$30. You can then repeat the sequence once that round is over.

    None of these strategies promises a win, but they increase your chances of getting better returns and managing your bankroll in the game of chance that is baccarat. Useful Tips for Winning a Game of Online Baccarat

    Here are some tips to remember when you play baccarat online:

    Before playing this game, understand the rules, card values, and bet types. You also want to internalize the strategies to know how to bet if you are new to the game. While at this, it helps to remember none of the strategies promises a win.

    The banker bet has a 1.06% house edge, the lowest of the three bets, so it would be best to choose it.

    Designate a betting unit, plan your bankroll well in advance, and stick with it to the end as it determines how you play and proceed with each outcome.

    The banker bets have lower house edges for games with fewer decks, so you may want to choose such games while at KB. You also want to keep in mind the 5% banker commission rate set at default.

    Quit while still ahead. A good gambler knows not to chase their losses, which may result in even more losses. Even if you still have some cash left in your bankroll, you will be wise to leave the table while you’re winning and count your losses if it’s just not your day.

    Which Are the Coefficients and Pays in Baccarat?

    The King’s Servants have better returns when playing baccarat because the house edge is significantly lower than the rest of the traditional table games. Online baccarat has a low house edge at 1.01% for a single deck and 1.06% for a 6-8 deck.

    The banker’s odds of winning are 45.86%, while the player’s are 44.62%. A tie is likely to happen 9.52% of the time. Side bets are highly discouraged because they could eat into your profits, but should you go for them, the payouts are: 11:1for player’s and banker’s pair (with house edge at 11.25%), 25:1 for the perfect pair (with 17.07% for house edge), and 5:1for either pair (and a 14.54% house edge).

    Online Baccarat, Which is Better - for Real Money or for Free

    Free game modes are demo versions that casino operators create to teach players how to use their products, and they are sometimes limited.

    Free BaccaratOnline Baccarat Real Money
    Games are available on demos, so no depositsYou have to deposit money to play.
    No bonuses or other incentivesCasino have cash bonuses and other offers
    Limited variationsSeveral variations to choose from
    You could get credits to play for real moneyKB throws in cashback for losses regularly
    Play at your convenience with mobile devicesGames are audited for fairness

    Additionally, there are pros and cons of playing this game for real money:


  • You might win some great prizes and money.
  • You get better with each game if you are keen on learning.
  • Casino has bonuses for new and existing players.
  • Cons

  • There are always chances of losing your money.
  • No guaranteed wins.
  • Finest Casino Online Baccarat Games in Australia

    Baccarat has been around for many years, and it has been played by some of the best – hello, James Bond! The game is as simple as they come and quite entertaining, with mobile- compatibility making it even more convenient. If you haven’t tried it already, you may be excited to know you don’t need complex knowledge of how cards work to try it and even win with some luck.

    No need to fret too much about where to play, as King Billy is available in Australia. The King’s nobles get bonuses when they sign up for the first time, and the demos will teach you how to play for real money when you are ready. The casino is regulated and licensed, the user interface is the friendliest of all Aussie casinos, and the FAQ section answers all common questions.


    Can you make money while playing baccarat online?

    Sure, winning is possible, baccarat is primarily a game of chance, but applying a well-thought-out game strategy can increase your chances of success. By combining luck with strategic decisions, players can potentially increase their chances of achieving a favourable outcome in this classic casino game

    Which are the top online baccarat strategies?

    The Martingale System, Paroli, and the 1-3-2-6 System are three of the easiest to follow for new and seasoned players.

    Does baccarat qualify as a game of skill?

    No, baccarat is mainly all about chance, as it depends on the cards you are dealt at the beginning. A good hand will determine how you move or even give you a straight win, while a bad one ruins your chances.

    What a good hand in baccarat?

    Getting a quad, which is the direct sum of 8 or 9 in your initial hand, is considered a very lucky hand in Baccarat. It guarantees you a win right away. The goal of the game is to get the hand total closest to 9, and achieving a natural or close to optimal value increases your chances of winning.

    Are online baccarat games rigged?

    No. Online casino games are audited for fairness by an independent body.

    Can I play online baccarat for free?

    It is true that King Billy Casino provides free demo versions of games for training purposes. The availability of demo versions provides a comprehensive and risk-free learning experience, making them an ideal starting point for both beginners and experienced players looking to explore new games.

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