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Everyone in life needs a dictionary. But when you are a casino player, you need… the King’s Dictionary! Please consult the following glossary for any unknown betting or playing words you may have.


Easy one. The amount of money a Citizen puts aside and gambles with.

Betting Limit

Minimum and maximum amount of betting for a player. It can be set by the Citizen itself, or by the King.


Bonuses are the heart and soul of casinos! They are special offers for both new and existing players (each with their own special terms and conditions) and they come in a variety of forms. King Billy Casino has some of the most fantastic bonuses on the market.

Bonus Feature

What would life be without bonuses? This is why online slots have so many of them. Bonus, depending on their size, can make an online game a little bit more - or tremendously more exciting. Let’s take for example, Wilds or Scatters. Wilds are the “Jokers”, symbols which substitute all regular symbols and therefore give you a far better chance of winning. The more of them, of course, the more your opportunities to win. Scatters, on the other hand, pop up on the reels and can be royally rewarding! The usual standard of the industry is using three scatters to trigger a bonus game.

Bonus Round

When a specific combination of symbols happens in a video slot, a bonus round starts. Benefits of a bonus round can vary from Free Spins to side games. Bonus rounds allow players to earn without having to place an additional bet, so they are highly sought after. In some cases, bonus rounds lead to activation of mini-games.

Comp Points

This is a term for points a player gathers at a casino, whenever he’s playing. These points can be exchanged for cash and bonuses. In the Kingdom, Comp Points are called King’s Points.

High Roller

A Citizen who puts stakes high and bets much more on every bet, on average, than a typical player.

Live Dealers Games

Only developed during the last decade, Live Dealer Games are online casino games run by human dealers. Players see and interact with the dealers on their desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile phone using a live-streaming video link. Dealers can also be approached via Live Chat.

Max Win (applies only on Free Spins bonuses).

This is an important term and the King wishes that it is properly understood by all Citizens! Max win refers to the maximum amount of money a Citizen can get after spinning all the Free Spins. Example: Let’s suppose max win is 100 EUR. If the Citizen has won 110 EUR after spinning all his spins, he will receive 100 EUR instead.

Max Win Result (applies for Free Spins bonuses, usually registration bonuses, and Free Chip bonuses).

This is the maximum amount of money that a Citizen can have on his balance after the wager is completed. Example: The max win result of a Citizen’s bonus is 100 EUR. After completing the wager set by the King’s Servants, the Citizen finds himself with 150 EUR on his balance. Due to the max win result term, this balance will be readjusted to 100 EUR.

Non-Sticky Bonus

This is a bonus which can be withdrawn once all necessary requirements have been met (hence the “non-sticky” part).


A payline is a line of various shapes (straight, vertical or zigzag) which consists of winning symbols in a slot machine. Paylines can range from 3 to many hundreds, depending on the sophistication and complexity of the slot.

Pit Boss

The Boss is, of course, only the King! However, in the brick-and-mortar world of casinos, the Pit Boss is the casino person responsible for supervising the staff at the tables.

Progressive Jackpot

This is a jackpot which increases over time and may reach astronomical amounts.


Down under, Australian and New Zealand term, for “slots”.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

All casinos, including your beloved King Billy Casino, use RNG. This is software used to generate a random outcome in casino games and thus maintain the integrity of the game. It is RNG which will determine the next number in a roulette game or the next card in Blackjack.


These are the rotating elements of a slot. They spin and create magic! Players spin the reels after placing their bets and wait for the outcome. The usual number of reels in an online slot is five, but seven or even nine reels are not unheard off.

Reload Bonus

This is a bonus for every new deposit (“reload”) a customer makes at an online casino.

RTP (Return to player) / Payout Percentage

RTP for casinos and casino players is as an important acronym as VIP. RTP stands for “Return To Player” and signifies the amount a slot pays back to the players over a huge number of spins. RTP is shown as a percentage. Therefore, a slot with an RTP of 96% will give back 96 EUR for every 100 EUR played on it. His Majesty advices to regularly check the RTP of slots you are playing.

Scatter symbol

Scatters are special symbols which pay out when two or more appear anywhere on the screen (“scattered”), even outside a winning payline. Scatters can act as special multipliers, raising a bet by double, triple, or higher, and may also trigger Free Spins or bonus rounds.

Sign-Up Bonus

This is a bonus offered to new customers when they join. Also known as a Welcome Bonus. Kings’s Welcome Pack is the Welcome Bonus at King Billy!

Sticky Bonus

This is the opposite of non-sticky and refers to a bonus that cannot be cashed out. It usually beefs up players' bankrolls, so that they can play more with higher stakes.

Video Poker

One of the King’s most favorite pastimes and yours! A video poker is an electronic game, based on the classic 5-card draw poker. Citizens of the Kingdom can remove or replace cards in their hands and are paid when they make the minimum hand required to win.


Sometimes, His Majesty has a volatile day, sending a misbehaving Servant to the dungeons. However, the word “volatile” linked to a slot machine basically signifies the “risk of the slot”. The industry uses the term to describe the frequency and amounts of winnings during playing sessions. The low volatility slots pay more frequently, but not too much, while the high volatility slots pay infrequently, but big. Which one should you prefer? The one that matches your personality says the King!


Wagering is a standard practice of the gaming industry, done for several reasons (anti-laundry policy being among them). Wagering refers to the total amount of bets (either winning or losing) a Citizen needs to place before being allowed to withdraw any winnings. Example: When a wagering of x30 is applied to a bonus offer, it means that, for example, a 100 EUR bonus requires a total bet placement of 3.000 EUR (100x30) before winnings can be converted.

Wild Symbol

Wilds are symbols which can be substituted for other symbols on the reel. So, when a wild symbol appears, it can be combined with other symbols around it and create a winning combination. In some cases, Wilds will pay out even if they aren't on a payline, as Scatters do. However, in video slots Wild symbols cannot usually be substituted for Scatter symbols.

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