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Nov 17, 2018

Do you remember that time when you sprained your ankle playing hoops and swore it was the greatest, possibly, pain a person could experience in the solar system? Or the other tragic moment when you needed not one, not two, but three stitches on your left knee after falling off the skateboard?

Compare these to:

  • A dislocated spine
  • Broken tibia and fibula
  • One surgery on the left thumb
  • Two surgeries on the left wrist
  • Six surgeries on the right knee
  • Nine surgeries on the left knee
  • Torn anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, lateral collateral and medial collateral ligaments

Meet Travis Alan Pastrana, Citizens of the Kingdom, professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer whose list of injuries is longer than a small town’s telephone book! Travis runs the legendary show Nitro Circus featuring him and his friends riding dirt bikes and performing stunts.

Nitro Circus has spawned a tour, a television series and a 3D film. And now… an Yggdrasil game! Yes, folks, you read this right. From the people who brought you Vikings go Berzerk, Vikings go to Hell, Tut’s Twister, Easter Island and Lucha Maniacs, here comes Nitro Circus, their first ever branded slot!

What’s in Nitro Circus? The thrill of Yggdrasil at its very best. A free spins mode and a Nitro Jump bonus games where you can fly through the air and collect multipliers in one of 7 vehicles, including a kick bike and a bathtub with wheels! You can reach the bonus games through both collections and scatters and choose between three risk levels.

But… speaking about a King Billy Slot of the Month is not the same as playing it! Go now for the ride Citizens, Barons, Dukes and Princes! Go for the adrenaline! Go for Nitro Circus!

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